Medical Imaging: ImagO

The Graduate Programme Medical Imaging (ImagO) is one of the PhD programmes of the Utrecht Graduate School of Life Sciences. The programme combines expertise from different disciplines so as to offer a balanced educational programme and to perform high-level fundamental and applied research in the area of medical imaging. Both natural and clinical sciences are represented in ImagO.


  • To establish and execute a coherent and internationally recognized research programme in medical imaging;
  • To offer an advanced and balanced educational programme of lectures, courses, seminars and workshops to PhD candidates in this area;
  • To train and supervise PhD candidates to attain the level of qualified and independent researchers by the highest international standards;
  • To acquire funds from governmental, charitable and industrial sources to expand and advance the research programme;
  • To strengthen the national and international position of the research by cooperation with related academic and industrial institutes;
  • To transfer knowledge, methodology, software and technology to clinical and industrial partners.