Colloquium Series on Medical Imaging

ImagO colloquia are part of the PhD programme medical imaging (ImagO) of the graduate school of life sciences in the UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands. These colloquia are open for researchers and students with an interest in medical imaging. The target audience is researchers in the field of medical image processing, MR Physics, radiology and radiotherapy. We invite national and international speakers that work on biomedical image processing, biomedical image acquisition, or image-based clinical applications. The colloquia are held in the Auditorium (New Q-building, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands).

Bas van der Velden

If you have any questions or suggestions for interesting speakers, please let us know:

Upcoming Colloquia

25 September 2019
16:30 hours followed by drinks
WKZ-Auditorium , UMC Utrecht
Prof. Oliver Schilling, Institute of Surgical Pathology, UMC Freiburg, University of
Freiburg, Germany
Mass spectrometry imaging  as a tool for molecular pathology (abstract)

Past Colloquia

13 June 2019
Dr. Elijah van Houten, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sherbrooke,
Québec, Canada
MR Elastography by nonlinear inversion: a subdomain decomposition approach