Upcoming courses:
R1 Linear Algebra Review: September – October 2019
G2 Image Processing: September 2019 – January 2020
G3 Medical Image Formation: September – mid November 2019
G8 Programming for Medical Imaging: September – mid November 2019

PhD graduations

Unless mentioned otherwise, PhD graduations are in: Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, Utrecht.

17 October 2019
14:30 hours
Dennis Winkel
Online treatment adaptation strategies for the 1.5T MR-linac: first implementation and evaluation for lymph node oligometastases
24 October 2019
16:15 hours
Lisa van der Kleij
Quantitative MRI markers for the brain at risk
30 October 2019
18:00 hours
Avinash Eranki
Image-Guided HIFU-based Boiling Histotripsy for Treatment of Neuroblastoma
7 November 2019
14:30 hours
Pim Borman
Accelerating interventional real-time MRI
8 November 2019
14:30 hours
Filipa Guereiro
Towards MRI-guided radiotherapy for pediatric patients with abdominal tumors
26 November 2019
14:30 hours
Mike van Rijssel
Artifact Correction and Signal Quantification in High Field Breast MRI
5 December 2019
12:45 hours
Yulia Shcherbakova
PLANET: a new approach for multi-parametric MRI
10 December 2019
14:30 hours
Marielle Jansen
Analysis of liver lesion in dynamic contrast enhanced MR images
11 December 2019
10:30 hours
Ilse Kant
Neuroimaging of frailty, delirium and postoperative cognitive dysfunction
11 December 2019
18:00 hours
Cyril Ferrer
Development of MRI methods for guidance of focused ultrasound treatment of pancreatic tumors
17 December 2019
10:30 hours
Madeleine Gregorowitsch
Patient-reported outcomes after breast cancer treatment
7 January 2020
16:15 hours
Janot Tokaya
MRI safety of implants: transfer function determination from MR images
9 January 2020
14:30 hours
Samuel St Jean
Restoration and characterization of diffusion MRI data
14 January 2020
12:45 hours
Madj Zreik
Machine learning for coronary artery disease analysis in cardiac CT
15 January 2020
14:30 hours
Rob Bakker
Intra-tumoral holmium-166 Therapy: Feasibility in head and neck cancer
16 January
12:45 hours
Szabolcs Dávid
Impact of data processing on diffusion MR image exploration and understanding
16 January 2020
16:15 hours
Bart Steensma
Design, safety and applications of radio-frequency antennas for ultra-high field MRI of the body